You've worked so hard for this moment!

Your child now sleeps well, you're feeling well rested and enjoying life. Now, continue that sleep success here in the VIP Sleep Club. 


Why do I need more support?

Nothing is perfect! Regressions will inevitably come: sickness, travel, nap transitions, developmental skills, new baby in the house, a move, beginning name it!!

This VIP Sleep Club is open to families who have worked through Sleep From The Start or any sleep package with Becca. The goal of your membership is to continue the sleep success, and fine tune as needed!


In your monthly VIP Sleep Club Subscription:

  • Weekly Q&A within Private Facebook Group

  • Monthly Group Call reviewing a seasonal sleep topic (time change, travel, sickness, nap changes, etc)

  • Ask The Expert Segments: monthly guests (Dentists, Speech Pathologists, Nutritionists, Pediatricians, etc)

  • Exclusive Video Library covering FAQs 

  • Access to ALL of Becca's workbooks! (Nap Transitions, Room Sharing Guides, Daylight Saving Time, Travel, Teething, etc)
  • Monthly giveaways and celebrations within Private Facebook Group!


A private page here on Little Z's website with access to video library, exclusive downloads and resource guides, workbooks.

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Join the community on Facebook to have weekly Q&A sessions, giveaways, chat with other sleep obsessed parents and celebrate continued success!

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