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We had forgotten the joy of a full night’s sleep!

My husband and I had forgotten the joy of experiencing a full night’s sleep…until we met Becca. After hours of futile attempts each night, we would finally get our son to fall asleep around 9:30; and then, he was up once again at 1:00 a.m. ready to eat and watch television.

Most nights, he would not return to sleep. My husband and I were sleep deprived and miserable, to put it mildly. Feeling defeated, my husband came to the conclusion that we would be sleepless for the next few years until our son “grew out of it.”

However, I wasn’t ok with “not sleeping.” So after hearing about Becca from a friend of ours and reading her reviews online, we decided to give her a try.

That was the best decision we’ve ever made! Within 2 weeks, our son began sleeping 11.5 hours per night!

Now over a month later, we are amazed because this is not the same child we knew a few weeks ago. Our son very rarely wakes during the night and if he does he is able to self-sooth back to sleep! Valencia Landry

Mom to 2 year-old son

This changed our life

Saying “THIS CHANGED OUR LIFE!” sounds like an overstatement, but it actually might be an understatement. Becca helped our family feel like a team while we tackled our toddler’s refusal to stay in his own bed. She met us where we were and made the whole process seem easy and possible – even though the results feel like magic! We’ve got our evenings back and we’re actually getting more quality time with our son. I only wish we’d called her sooner! THANK YOU!! Kelly & Brian Cannon

Parents to 3 year old son

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