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Private Coaching

A toddler 17+ months old can go to sleep independently for 10-12 hours every night

This 3-Week Sleep Training Program is designed for Toddlers to sleep 10-12 hours through the night and establish a consistent daily nap schedule and routine. Use strategies to win at the toddler games, manage crying and protest, get toddler involved in the bedtime routine, and great gadgets to help become an independent sleeper.  

Private coaching is a great choice if you prefer a more tailored sleep plan, enjoy one-on-one interactions, need positive encouragement, desire accountability, have a unique family situation or concerns, or want the ability to make adjustments to the plan during the program if needed.  





Bedtime doesn't have to be a battle. Make this a special time for your toddler and parents!



Time to win the toddler games. Your toddler has everything they need to go to sleep on their own.  



No need to crawl into Mom and Dad's bed at night. Teach your toddler to love their own bed!



Toddlers are active and full of ambition. Help reduce the chaos and grumpy with healthy structured sleep habits.



3-Week program

A structured plan that gives you a schedule, simple strategies to approach crying and protest, and an effective way for both parents to achieve results together. Make sure you have set up a healthy sleep environment and know which sleep products to have and avoid. You should begin seeing a difference by the end of Week 1.

tailored sleep plan

Your toddler is ready to sleep through the night no matter your work schedule or family situations. Complete a preliminary questionnaire to help tailor the program to meet your family needs. 

private consultation

Schedule a private 60-minute interactive consultation online using a webinar platform or in person if local. Experience first hand why Becca is a trained and gifted educator with a passion for helping hundreds of families resolve exhausting sleep habits!

coaching & support

The secret is not in the science, but in the support! No one can motivate and encourage you through this 3-week program like Becca. Choose from a variety of support packages that include regular phone check-ins, instant voice message or text support, and in-home education for local clients. Track how your toddler is progressing and be able to make minor adjustments to the program as needed with a support package.


What happens when I buy?


Congratulations! You made a decision to end the trial-and-error and look forward to bedtime once again! After you click and purchase the right package for your family, you will receive an email from me with a questionnaire to complete as well as a link to schedule your 1-hour individual consultation either online (worldwide) or in person (if local in-home package).

Since you are getting ME (no robots or computer generated sequences!!) it may take a few hours for me to email you! So sit tight, watch your inbox and imagine what you're going to do with all your free time when baby is sleeping!!!

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My 18 month old, Jaxon, has never been a perfect sleeper. I read all the books, blogs, articles, you name it, and I could never get him to take a long nap or get a solid’s nights sleep. Our most recent struggle was middle of the night and early morning wake ups between 4am and 6am! Talk about exhausting! Becca came up with the perfect sleep plan for Jaxon! We checked in with her once or twice a week, and would make changes if needed! She knows the ropes y’all! If you stay consistent and follow her guidelines, you’ll see a miracle happen! Jaxon is a very strong willed and determined child so it took (and will continue to take) consistency! He thrives off of routine, and that’s what Becca helps teach you! It’s been an amazing experience so far, and I can’t wait to watch him keep steadily improving! Cheers to better sleep! I never thought this day would come!
— Katie T. / Toddler Basic
Saying “THIS CHANGED OUR LIFE!” sounds like an overstatement, but it actually might be an understatement. Becca helped our family feel like a team while we tackled our toddler’s refusal to stay in his own bed. She met us where we were and made the whole process seem easy and possible - even though the results feel like magic! We’ve got our evenings back and we’re actually getting more quality time with our son. I only wish we’d called her sooner! THANK YOU!!
— Kelly C. / Toddler Unlimited