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5 Ways to Maintain Great Sleep During the Holiday Season with Babies and Kids

5 Ways to Maintain Great Sleep During the Holiday Season

The big countdown is on! Christmas is arriving quickly at just 4 days away! Many of you are already packing and heading out of town, and sending me lots of questions about travel and surviving the...
Sleep and Summer Heat

Sleep & Summer Heat

Ya'll, it's HOT out there.  This last week temperatures were reaching an all time high here in Richmond. For two days straight the thermometer registered 105, meaning it was movies, libraries and...
Little Zs Room Sharing for Siblings Guide

Your Guide to Room Sharing for Siblings

Six months ago we moved our girls (8 months old & 2.5 years) into the same room. Since then I hear this question a lot, "Becca, what tips do you have for helping my kids share a room?"  I know...
Why Car Naps Aren't Great

Why Car Naps Aren’t Great Naps

Let's start by asking yourself a question: When’s the last time you slept on a plane or in a car and woke up feeling totally refreshed and restored? Never? Maybe you felt even more exhausted...

Our Nap Transition: From One to None

It’s time for me to be 10000% real with you.  I’ve been in nap chaos for the last month…and it’s still going on.  You see, we flirted with taking Big Sister’s nap away. It can happen anywhere...