"I'm writing this review as my son is taking a nap that has been going on for two hours. However, 2 months ago, I was pacing his room for hours or taking him in the stroller or driving around in the car in a desperate attempt to get an overtired child to sleep.

All the while feeling incredible mom-guilt for not being able to give my three year-old attention. When we decided to work with Becca, it was a breath of fresh air. I think Becca would agree that our son wasn't the easiest case. We had several bumps that were out of everybody's control, but instead of writing us off, Becca continued to stick with us, encourage us, work with us, and fight for sleep on our behalf. I would recommend ANYONE to Becca. Her dedication, encouragement, and wisdom are incredible, AND my son is sleeping! She has changed our family, and I am forever grateful."

- Emilie White

"Before I took Sleep from the Start, the only thing I knew about my newborn’s sleep was that she wasn’t going to sleep for very long stretches and I shouldn’t expect to sleep through the night anytime soon.

The only information I could really find online was that from 0 to 3 months everything was on demand. Their eating was on demand and their sleep was on demand. After three weeks of letting my newborn completely call the shots, I was exhausted and desperate for something other than on-demand. I had started following Becca a few months before my baby was born from another social media friend’s testimonial. So, in my desperate, sleep deprived state, I reached out and learned about Sleep from the Start. Becca helped me understand my baby’s sleep development, routines to put in place to help her learn to sleep well, and realistic expectations. I think knowing what to expect and understanding the development of her sleep was the biggest help. At 2.5 months, my baby girl is starting to give us 8 hour stretches at night and naps like a champ in her crib. I whole heartedly believe every expectant Mom should learn from a sleep consultant. We take birthing classes, and newborn classes, and breastfeeding classes...why not a sleep class?"

- Erin Snyder

"It took almost 17 months of sleepless nights, endless rocking (by Mom only!) resorting to terrible co-sleeping habits for us to call Becca.

On night one, Grant went to sleep without being rocked, in his crib by himself and slept all night! Becca was a rock-star and walked us through how to train Grant in the best way possible. It has been a month since our training and Grant still sleeps like a champ. We even took a weekend away and ended up sleeping in the same room, and Grant went down in the portable crib like a champion!"

- Becca Jones Smith

"Our little girl was never a great sleeper, she was addicted to her pacifier (or maybe I was...), and she refused naps unless we took a ride in the car.

My pediatrician just wanted us to let her cry it out, but when we tried this I was uncomfortable with how upset she became. I needed a strategy, a plan to stick to, and I needed sleep. I followed Little Z's podcast and social media accounts for some time before pulling the trigger. I don't know why I waited so long! Rebecca helped us develop a strategy for helping her learn to put herself to sleep. There was no easy button, and we've had to work hard to be consistent but the tools that Rebecca gave us are invaluable. She was very supportive through the entire process and tweaked the strategies to fit our family so that we could have a little one that slept all night! We now have our evenings back and we get to sleep until morning!"

- Caitlin Baldwin

"Becca has literally changed our lives!

Our 13 month old son went from sleeping in our bed, waking up every 2 hours, needing to be rocked and nursed to sleeping 12-14 HOURS in his crib! It’s remarkable, we can’t believe this is our new normal. I never thought it would be possible but Becca is a great cheerleader and is so knowledgeable. I could go on and on all day about how much of a positive impact following her program has had on our lives. We can’t thank her enough!! I tell everyone that she is magic!"

- Liz Cook