2-Week Coaching


Tailored Sleep Plan

Private Consultation

4 Phone Calls

Instant Voice Message Support (6am - 9pm)

Email Support Not Available

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A carefully tailored plan designed to meet your family's needs with UNLIMITED support and course corrections along the way!

Resolve your baby's exhausting sleep habits with one-on-one coaching and UNLIMITED support from the comfort of your own home and on any device. This package is perfect if you find yourself saying "Becca, Just Tell Me What To Do!"

This 2-Week Package Includes:

  • Preliminary evaluation. This is a comprehensive questionnaire about your child's current sleep habits and routines. Having this information will help us find the fastest connection to sleep.
  • Private, 60 minute webinar consultation where we will discuss our strategies, anticipate potential problems, and learn how to address bedtime, night-wakings, and other exhausting sleep habits.
  • Individually tailored sleep plan prepared for your family. This plan will address your baby's individual needs while equipping the parents to engage with confidence.
  • Four follow-up phone calls during the two weeks following the consultation to check in on progress and answer questions.
  • Instant Voice Message Support using the Voxer app. Voice or text questions and updates at any time of day and she will answer back during the hours of 6am and 9pm. 
  • Resource guides. Receive guides on topics ranging from travel tips and dealing with Daylight Saving Time.
  • 1-month free inclusion to the VIP Sleep Club where you can access community support, resource guides, interact with Becca live, and much more. 

"Our only regret about calling Becca is that we didnt call sooner. We endured 13 months of interrupted sleep and frustration, it was affecting every aspect of our lives. Becca initiated a sleep plan and had our son sleeping through the night in the first couple of days! With Becca's guidance we were able take our lives back. We were previously going to sleep around 8pm as soon as our son fell asleep in order to desperately get a few hours in before the wake up and struggle for hours to get him back to sleep that we were so used to. For naptime we resorted to co sleeping. Now we can lay our son down for bed and have adult time!
Now that everyone is sleeping better Mommy, Daddy, and baby are all significantly happier. With a baby on the way in the next few months we plan to use Becca's services to help our family adjust our sleep routines to having a newborn in the house and getting the new baby started sleeping well from the start.
We've recommended Becca to all of our friends and family. Your baby can be a good sleeper, sleep deprivation is not a mandatory part of Parenthood". -Jamie B.