One-on-One with Becca every step of the way.


  • Comprehensive Questionnaire

  • Tailored Sleep Plan

  • Private Virtual Consultation

  • 5 Phone Calls with Becca

  • Sleep Log Interactive Tracking

  • On-Call Voice or Text (8am-8pm)

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One-On-One with Becca every step of the way. Becca will personally design and walk you through every aspect of your sleep training journey. This is ideal if you need that accountably and encouragement, you don’t want to do this alone, and you prefer a strategy and a plan tailored specific for your unique family situation.


  • A tailored 2-Week Baby Sleep Training Plan in a downloadable, comprehensive, easy-reference format created for your family. Complete a questionnaire and Becca will design a plan unique for you.

  • A live 60-minute interactive consultation with Becca to understand your Sleep Plan, ask questions, and have the confidence to begin. This is scheduled through a video link platform. All time zones available. [Internet and Computer required]

  • Four 15-minute check-in phone calls with Becca during your 2-week training to make sure you’re making progress, staying on track, and making adjustments as needed. *International by video link.

  • One 15-minute follow-up call with Becca a month after your training to ensure your family is sleeping well at night and those naps are coming together! *International by video link.

  • Sleep Log interactive tracking where you will keep track of your daily progress online and leave questions and comments. Becca will review, monitor, and respond throughout the training.

  • On-Call Voice and Text Message Support (8am-8pm) where you can get unlimited advice, encouragement, and accountability from Becca. Get answers and reassurance when you need it. Text or voice-message as often as you need and Becca will coach you along the way. *Voxer App download required.

When I Buy:

  • You will receive a personal email from Becca with a questionnaire to complete as well as a link to schedule your 1-hour individual consultation online through video communication software. Computer and internet access required. All time zones available, worldwide.

  • Since you are getting Becca (no robots or computer generated sequences!!) it may take a few hours for me to email you! So sit tight, watch your inbox and imagine what you're going to do with all your free time when baby is sleeping!!!