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Learn how to teach your newbaby healthy sleep skills from the start. Using proven sleep strategies, Becca Campbell help guide your newborn to sweet dreams.  We made 2 convenient, two-week packages designed to fit your preferences and budget.

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Getting him to sleep on his own after just a few weeks

We had the awesome opportunity to work with Becca from day 1 literally! We were able to get Cade on a consistent nap routine and getting him to sleep on his own after just a few weeks. And then sleeping through the night at 2 months old!

Becca is so friendly and just an awesome mom. So having another mom to bounce ideas off and sometimes commiserate with makes all the difference! And as a first time mom myself getting helpful hints and products that worked for her are great starting points!

I loved working with her from the beginning to help walk us through the craziness that are newborns and set us up for great sleep before we really had the chance to develop bad habits or troublesome sleep.

Becca knows what she’s doing! It may feel weird to hire someone to help your baby sleep but it really helps to have an actual person help and give advice rather than just blindly searching the internet or reading a book. Thank you Becca, this was a great experience! After every session it felt like I had been given a long distance high five! You’re so positive and encouraging in making parents feel like they can do it! Even if it might be tough.


Mom to Cade, 2 months

Good skills that will pay off in the long run

With a newborn, wake times and lengths can be really confusing. The guidelines Becca shares for feedings and naps were really helpful! There are definitely times when I want to throw in the towel and take the easier nap route. It is so encouraging to learn how to set them up with good skills that will pay off in the long run!


Mom to Sam, 2 months

New self-soothing techniques

I am so thankful I decided to work with Becca on a sleep plan for my newborn. She was extremely encouraging while I was in the emotionally-charged, zombie state that all moms experience after a new baby joins the family.

With a newborn, the plan is to begin creating good sleep habits so that he can sleep through the night as soon as he is able, and Becca was wonderful in teaching/coaching me in the best ways to do so. She was a wonderful listener and I truly felt like she cared about my son’s sleep.

I am happy to say that my now 15 week old* is only waking once at night (instead of 3) and I anticipate he’ll be sleeping through the night in no time with his new self-soothing techniques learned through the program.

Taylor Easley

Mom to 3 month old son

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