In-home or across the world, we can resolve your child’s exhausting sleep habits.


Our 11 month old had a major sleep regression and began waking up multiple times a night & would not go back to sleep without tons of rocking/bottle/attention. We tried to ‘sleep train’ without success. We found Becca through a referral and after doing our consultation and receiving our sleep plan, the results were almost instant. Our child now sleeps 12 hours solid through the night and falls asleep completely on her own. Working with Becca has been life changing! For two parents working full-time, we needed help and I am SO glad we got it. I would absolutely recommend Becca to any parents who are struggling. Not only does she deliver results, but she is absolutely fabulous to work with and extremely responsive.

-Nicole Britt (Virginia)


Becca helped me (a mom of five kiddos) with my 5th and last baby – after almost a decade of not sleeping I was dying! BEST DECISION EVER. Within a week of training my sweet 6 month old boy was sleeping 12 hours a night. I’m sad that I had never heard of a sleep specialist with my other kids! Before Becca I was scared of nighttime because it meant being woken up over and over again. After Becca, I know that at 7pm, my baby goes down, puts himself to sleep and it’s peaceful for the next 12 hours. It’s life changing!

-Jeanna Lee (Missiouri)


Becca is awesome! Before we found Becca, getting our 9 month old to fall asleep each night had turned into quite a lengthy process, and he had regressed to newborn habits by waking every 2-3 hours during the night to nurse. Despite all of this, I was still in denial that we needed help. My husband found Becca and we decided to give her program a try. She is extremely supportive and knowledgeable. Now that Becca has restored sleep to our house, I realized how badly we all needed it! Her expertise and guidance allowed us to develop a nighttime routine that was correct and allows our son to know that bedtime is near. We don’t dread the bedtime hour anymore. I would recommend her to anyone having sleep problems!

-Lauren Wiley (Louisiana)

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