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Know a sleep deprived parent?
Are you a sleep deprived parent?

These gift options are exactly what you need!
Choose from Becca’s Newborn Sleep Course, 4 Month Sleep E-Coaching or 6-16 Month Sleep E-Coaching
and give the solution for a good night of sleep!


Newborn Sleep Course: 0-3 Months

The perfect Newborn 101 to help expecting parents, new parents, or the 3rd time parent feel confident in their baby’s sleep needs. No sleep training here- just laying the solid foundation of great sleep from the beginning!!



4-5 Month Sleep E-Coaching

Goodbye 4-month regression! Hello, sleep! In this 2 week program parents will teach their baby to sleep in their own crib all night, with 1 possible night feed. We also will develop daytime nap routines to ensure restorative sleep comes soon!


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6-16 Month Sleep E-Coaching

A child between 6-16 months old is ready for a full night of sleep (11-12 hours)!! Make sleep a thing with this 2-week program where parents will teach their baby to sleep well all night and develop a solid nap schedule each day.


What (well-rested) parents are saying…

Becca’s e-coaching has been a literal dream come true. We were having hourly wakeups throughout the night, my husband and I kept getting into (sleep-deprivation-induced) fights over what to do, and everyone was exhausted. Our baby girl cried in protest the first two nights (but we knew how to handle it!), and then after that, she went right to sleep with barely a fuss! Now, I nurse her until she reaches for her bedtime story, we read it, I put her down, she SMILES at me as I close the door, and I can hear her singing herself to sleep over her sound machine. She sleeps 12 hours EVERY NIGHT, happily naps during the day, and my husband and I have our nights back (so necessary after a baby!). We are so, SO grateful!
— Natalie
The newborn course and 4 month guide have been life giving!! It has given us the tools to help our baby girl sleep well from day 1. I’ve started telling friends to buy the newborn course before registering for anything else.😂 Our baby sleeping well has given us freedom to enjoy her more, travel with her, and stay connected as a married couple. I cannot say enough good things about Becca and Little Z’s Sleep!
— Samantha
We’re one week in with the e-coaching program and it’s life changing!
I have a 3 year old who’s a great sleeper and I thought I’d do the same with the 2nd. Wasn’t as easy! He’s now 10 months and his sleeping was getting worse and worse to the point of waking up every 45-60 mins at night and only napping in my carrier or stroller/car. We were exhausted.
First night wasn’t bad, about 4-5 wake ups but he slept until 7:45am!! He has always gotten up at 5. I felt more rested after the first night of sleep training than I had in months. 2nd night he woke up twice and put himself back to sleep after 6 & 8 mins of crying. 3rd night? 11 hours solid!!! My mind is blown.
The biggest positive outcome was unexpected, special one on one time with my 3 year old while my son naps, we’ve had so much fun. Bedtimes are a breeze, having her be a part of story time makes things a 100 times easier, she loves to help by turning off the lights and saying goodnight while he’s wide awake in the crib! Previously trying to keep her quiet while I’m nursing and rocking my baby and then trying to transfer him to the crib “drowsy but awake” was so hard and we’d all end up frustrated!
Thanks for offering this program! Love it!!!
— Kirstin