Sleep Success Stories

new self-soothing techniques

I am so thankful I decided to work with Becca on a sleep plan for my newborn. She was extremely encouraging while I was in the emotionally-charged, zombie state that all moms experience after a new baby joins the family. With a newborn, the plan is to begin creating good sleep habits so that he can sleep through the night as soon as he is able, and Becca was wonderful in teaching/coaching me in the best ways to do so. She was a wonderful listener and I truly felt like she cared about my son’s sleep. I am happy to say that my now 15 week old* is only waking once at night (instead of 3) and I anticipate he’ll be sleeping through the night in no time with his new self-soothing techniques learned through the program.

Taylor Easley (3 month old son)

it is possible with her help!

My little girl wasn’t an awful sleeper, but my husband and I needed help breaking the “going in her room all night long to give her paci” habit! Rebecca’s program worked like a charm for us and by night 3 she was sleeping 12/13 hours consecutively and we haven’t looked back since! Her support while we implemented the plan was exactly what I needed to answer my daily questions of “what ifs”. Now, my husband and I joke that our 6 month old is a professional sleeper and falls asleep completely independently, it’s amazing! I would recommend Little Z’s to anyone who is ready for a full nights rest, that some people swear are bare to none once having a baby! It is possible with her help!

Aubrey Larroquette (6 month old daughter)

we are so thankful we did this!

My youngest started out a great sleeper and then hit the dreaded 4-month regression–not to mention his naps took a hit too and started only sleeping in 30-min. increments. We were tired all day long and my happy baby was not the content baby he was before that. Once we implemented the system we learned from Becca, it all changed! After the 2nd night of the program, he started sleeping 11-12 hrs. We couldn’t believe it! Naps took more time, but still less than two weeks, and he is now sleeping anywhere from 1-2 hrs each nap! But most of all, our son is the happiest we’ve ever seen him and is back to being his content and smiley self. We are so thankful we did it when we did!

Jenny Gilbert (4 month old son)

free evenings!

Susan now sleeps a full 12 hours every night thanks to Becca! Had I known it would be this easy, I would have done it months ago. It’s so nice to have my evenings back!

Leah Barbato (13 month old daughter)

we all get great sleep!

I had so many reasons why it was OK to rock my almost two year old every night. To keep from losing too much sleep I would let him get in my bed each night when he woke up. I wasn’t getting a good night sleep and he wasn’t either. He had a pacifier that had started becoming his best friend. The thought of taking it away stressed me out. Then, I sat down with Becca and she gave us a sleep plan and made me feel very comfortable about changing our routine. My two year is very observant and was sitting with me while Becca went over the plan. The first night I was waiting for screaming, crying, begging (from both of us) but it didn’t happen. Each night got better and better. Having Becca to text with and talk to throughout the process was wonderful! I am so blessed to have a great routine set with my son and we all get a GREAT night sleep!

Shannon Seal (2 year old son)

sleep plan from an expert

If you had told me when I was pregnant that my baby would still not be sleeping through the night at 18 months, I don’t think I would have believed you! My husband and I bought books, did research, and tried different methods but we were never able to follow through with anything. We were definitely the problem. We called Becca because I am currently expecting again and we were desperate for a few months of good sleep before we were plunged into life with a newborn again. Becca made us feel like we had a good plan from an expert, which made us more determined to stick with the plan. It worked extremely quickly too — by the second night, William was sleeping 7-8 hours without waking up, and within a few days were were up to 11-12 hours! She also helped us streamline our bedtime routine (we were reading many, many books and then rocking to sleep — now we read for a shorter amount of time and he goes down awake!) Naps take longer, but we have learned that above all, consistency is key. We would highly recommend Becca’s services!

Emma Burke (18 month old son)

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now I can hang out with my husband at night

Becca was a lifesaver, literally! My husband and I tried everything to get our almost 12 month old to sleep through the night and nothing worked until Becca and our amazing sleep plan! We were up every 2 hours with our baby still nursing like he was a newborn. I was a first time mom and scared that if I didn’t wake up and nurse him that my supply would diminish. I was totally wrong! Our son now sleeps 11-12 hours every night and still nurses like a champ! And, the best part about it all, my husband and I get some time to hang out at night (and give our arms a rest)! It was truly the best investment to make for our son! I cannot thank Becca enough!!

Ashley Marbury (12 month old son)

time to relax and bond

Three words… Just call her! Becca was our saving grace. My 7 month old was waking every 4 hours. After just one night of following her sleep plan, she was sleeping through the night with minimal “stirring” and no true wakes! She is now sleeping 10-11 hours a night! Now my husband and I have time to concentrate on my oldest daughter before her bedtime and have some extra time for us to relax and bond before going to bed… And we get a full nights sleep!

Nicole Breedlove (7 month old daughter)

sleeping through the night

Our little guy was waking up one to three times a night. I’m happy to report that he is finally sleeping through the night.

Mindy Hebert (11 month old son)

we became true believers

Ever since our little one was born, we found plenty of excuses why he continued to need the night feed, the Rock N’ Play, to be rocked, to be picked up at every whimper, to continually have the paci stuck back in his mouth, and so on. At 6 months and not one solid night of sleep since he was born, we decided we needed expert help. We had tried sleep training in the past, yet we had been unable to be consistent in any of our methods, and poor Wesley was just confused. After meeting with Becca, I admit we were still skeptical. However, by the tenth night when Wesley was going down for the night at 7:00 and not waking until 6:30 the next morning , we became true believers. Working with Becca has lowered our anxiety levels immensely; we used to dread nighttime, and now it is a time for us to relax as a couple and not worry about Wesley waking every 3 hours. If you are on the fence about calling Becca, or just think that eventually ‘they will grow out of it’, don’t hesitate any longer!

Elizabeth Tanner (6 month old son)

bad sleep just a phase? no way!

Our journey started when my son was about 6 months old.. I found Becca’s information and never called. My husband said, “we don’t need that, this is just a phase”. At 11 months I called Becca, regretting that it had taken me so long. On night 1 of our plan we were miserable, thinking to ourselves, “what have we done??”. Judd screamed and cried and it was so hard, but then on night 3 he went to sleep within 5 minutes. Now we are on night 12 and after our bedtime routine, he goes right to sleep!! It is has been so challenging, but so rewarding. Without Becca encouraging us, we never would have made it. She has been so nice, and always offers wonderful advice, but mostly, she knows what she is talking about. When she would mention something that might happen and how to face it, we were prepared and better educated in getting Judd to sleep like he should. We are so glad that we have the proper tools for our baby to sleep well and for the rest of the house to sleep great too! Thanks Becca!

Jessica Milam (11 month old son)

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we are now all well rested

My son was waking up 3 times a night at 11 months old. Within 10 days he has been sleeping in his own bed for 12 hours. We are so very thankful for her because with all of his medical problems we thought that we needed to be waking him up. We are now rested (all of us!) and couldn’t be happier!

Brittany Elliser (11 month old son)

so relieved!

My daughter slept between mom and dad for 13 months and would never stay in her own bed. By the second night working with Rebecca she was sleeping by herself through the night! So relieved we are all getting the sleep we need now!!

Kristi Rojas (13 month old daughter)

he takes our lead

After 13 months of waking up three to four times an evening, my little one couldn’t put himself to sleep. I am thrilled to say that Becca has allowed the entire family to sleep after all of this time! Jax knows how to put himself to sleep, and what usually would have taken 45 mins to rock him to sleep can be successfully done in 10 minutes and Jax takes our lead! Forever grateful!

Lydia Thornton (13 month old)

reassuring process

Our family really enjoyed working with Rebecca. She helped us transition our four-month-old son to his big crib, sleeping in his own room, and sleeping 11-12 hours a night. It was very reassuring to be able to ask questions along the way, especially as we were learning what did and did not work specifically for our son. I’m so glad we called Rebecca. Getting a full night of sleep is amazing!!

Lauren Britt (4 month old son)

within one week she was sleeping 12 hours

At our 4 month appointment, our pediatrician told us that there was no good reason why our daughter, Addison, should not be sleeping at least 8 hours through the night. That sounded like a dream to us! Addison was waking 2-3 times a night, still being fed, and still in our room! We knew that one day she would sleep through the night, but did not want to wait several more months for her to figure it out on her own.

We had already tried putting her down for the night in her crib in her nursery but experienced no success. She would scream for hours! We needed help. It was time to teach Addison how to sleep. So, we called Becca.

We live in Alabama but that did not prevent Becca from being able to work with us. Becca created a sleep plan based on our goals and met with us on a video chat to explain and walk us through it all. We shared with her our concern that we did not want Addison screaming for hours as we taught her how to sleep. Becca assured us that we would see success and she would help us reach our goals.

Our first night was very rough. We thought we had failed. We talked with Becca and she was very encouraging and talked us through what had happened from her experience and training. She was confident we would see success if we follow the plan because she had seen it happen with all of her clients. She made some adjustments to our plan, we followed it, and it clicked! Within a week, our daughter was sleeping 12 hours a night, in her own crib in her own room and we are sleeping again!

We highly recommend Becca’s services to anyone who needs help in teaching their child how to sleep. You won’t regret it!

Chris Campbell (4 month old)

I sleep soundly now too!

Working with Becca at Little Z’s was truly one of the best decisions I have made as a parent. My infant daughter learned how to sleep through the night on our 3rd night! She has been a great sleeper ever since and these skills have translated to healthy nap time as well. I had always dreaded the part of being a new parent where you just don’t sleep for the first year or so, and am so grateful that because my child sleeps soundly, so do I. Thank you Becca!!

Jenn Carter (6 month old daughter)

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a sleep plan that fit our life

A very good friend of mine told me about Becca when my son was a few months old. We had tried sleep training on our own, read books, took other peoples (not always so great) advice, but nothing worked. I kept putting off giving her a call because I thought, SURELY he’ll start sleeping soon. Well, when he turned 6 months old and was still waking in the middle of the night crying for a bottle, I knew we needed some serious help.

Becca worked with us to create a plan that fit OUR lives and that worked for our family. She is incredibly knowledgeable about all things sleep! With her guidance and support, we were able to quickly kick the bottle habit and he was falling asleep in his OWN crib. Now we can put our son to bed and be confident that he will sleep all night. My husband and I highly recommend Becca – she has given us our sleep back!

Kay Lahasky (6 month old son)

the rest we all needed

I decided to call Becca after my 8 month old was sleeping in the bed with us for almost 5 months. He was waking 2-3 times during the night crying for milk or juice. We weren’t getting any sleep and I was desperate to do something to put him back in his crib sleeping so I could get a full night sleep. I can’t thank Becca enough for giving us that full night rest again that we’ve been wanting for so long!

Jade Schopfer (8 month old son)

we don’t dread bedtime anymore

Becca is awesome! Before we found Becca, getting our 9 month old to fall asleep each night had turned into quite a lengthy process, and he had regressed to newborn habits by waking every 2-3 hours during the night to nurse. Despite all of this, I was still in denial that we needed help. My husband found Becca and we decided to give her program a try. She is extremely supportive and knowledgeable. Now that Becca has restored sleep to our house, I realized how badly we all needed it! Her expertise and guidance allowed us to develop a nighttime routine that was correct and allows our son to know that bedtime is near. We don’t dread the bedtime hour anymore. I would recommend her to anyone having sleep problems!

Lauren Wiley (10 month old son)

joy of experiencing a full night’s sleep

My husband and I had forgotten the joy of experiencing a full night’s sleep…until we met Becca. After hours of futile attempts each night, we would finally get our son to fall asleep around 9:30; and then, he was up once again at 1:00 a.m. ready to eat and watch television. Most nights, he would not return to sleep. My husband and I were sleep deprived and miserable, to put it mildly. Feeling defeated, my husband came to the conclusion that we would be sleepless for the next few years until our son “grew out of it.” However, I wasn’t ok with “not sleeping.” So after hearing about Becca from a friend of ours and reading her reviews online, we decided to give her a try. That was the best decision we’ve ever made! Within 2 weeks, our son began sleeping 11.5 hours per night!

Now over a month later, we are amazed because this is not the same child we knew a few weeks ago. Our son very rarely wakes during the night and if he does he is able to self-sooth back to sleep!

So for anyone out there suffering with a child who refuses to sleep through the night, please call Becca Campbell…she works miracles!

Valencia Landry (2 year old son)

I felt hopeless

After months of trying to function on little to no sleep, I knew I had to make a change in order to see one. My son was 5 months and had regressed continuously since 12 weeks. I work full time and my fiancé is away working for weeks at a time. I could no longer live the way I was. I knew of sleep training and had even read books. I wanted someone to customize a schedule specifically for my child with my schedule in mind. I liked the idea of supporting someone local and decided to give it a try. I felt hopeless as I sent my first email asking for help. After our consult I felt assured. I felt even more positive after our Skype session. Becca was very professional and thorough. I stuck to the plan and trusted her advice. Within days he was sleeping throughout the night. Now he sleeps 12 hours and that’s what is expected of him. He’s a happier baby for it and so is momma. I am so glad I sent that email that night because our quality of life improved beyond measure.

Ericka Marchand (5 month old son)

she loves her sleep now

Not knowing what to expect, we were willing to try anything, but it worked. The first night was the hardest, but now we have a happy baby that loves her sleep. We’re believers.

Billy Gomila (9 month old daughter)

well rested & ready to face the day!

My son now sleeps all night long and no longer depends on a pacifier! I sing Becca’s praises whenever I can! Her knowledge of baby’s sleep patterns and why they need sleep is astounding. She gave my husband and I our evenings back to spend time together and when baby wakes up we are all well rested and we are all ready to face the day!

Ashlie Bourgeois (8 month old son)

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