Join Becca for an in-person class reviewing her CHILD SLEEP PLAN for toddlers and preschoolers ages 17 months through 4 years. Parent-only class, no children to attend.

Friday, January 11th from 9:00 - 11:00 AM

Address location to be sent after purchase (private residence)

Class Ticket Includes:

  • Two hour class with Becca

  • Comprehensive Sleep Plan

  • Access to E-Coaching platform for 3 months (once published)

  • Bottle of champagne to celebrate sleep!!

Let’s make sleep a thing!!

I can’t wait to have you join me on January 11th, and actually make sleep happen for your family. Working with toddlers and preschoolers is incredibly rewarding. They so desperately want independence, responsibility…and SLEEP! We just have to put this all together in a way that makes them feel like they are really good at…sleeping!! After this class you’ll be able to go home right away and start making change in your child’s sleep. Are you ready?! Don’t just take my word for it. Hear what these parents have to say…

We contacted Becca because we were at our wits end with inconsistent naps and early morning wake ups. We felt like we were so close to figuring it out on our own but couldn’t do it. With Becca’s help our 22 month old has finally broken through and a great weight has been lifted off our shoulders.
— Damaris (mom of 22 month old)
Working with Becca was a dream, she created a three week plan with realistic goals and outlined all of the ups and downs we could expect down to the day. The plan was really specific to our daughter’s behavior and personality and we adjusted it as we went along and saw results right away. We thought we “finished early” when after the first week she was down to 30 minutes to fall asleep and we couldn’t believe Becca when she said we still had room for improvement. Sure enough, here we are 3 weeks later with a toddler who loves her bedtime routine with her parents, and falls asleep on her own in 10 minutes or less every night and instead of waking up overtired, grouchy and unreasonable, is excited to start her day and proud of sleeping like a ‘big girl’.
Thank you Becca for giving us our evenings back, the ability to have a date night before baby #2 and by fixing sleep giving us our happy and loving toddler back!!
— Ashley (Mom of 2.5 year old)

Becca helped us tremendously and I highly recommend her. We were having problems with our 3.5 year old fighting bed time (kicking and screaming for 2 hours per night), waking up in the night and only wanting to be consoled by daddy, and waking up before 6 a.m. We were hopeless and fearful that he would wake up our 16 month old, so catered to his demands. Becca helped us immediately and after 1 week, we consistently had 0 night wakings and bedtime wasn’t a fight. To be completely honest, I was skeptical that she could help us, thinking I’d read books and articles on my own and nothing would help, he just didn’t need sleep. But, that wasn’t true and my husband and I are both happy with our decision to seek help, particularly with Becca. Her advice and custom plan helped us tackle bedtime routine in an aligned way. She also talked through scenarios when our 15 month old unexpectedly started having sleep issues. I can say that we wouldn’t have the peaceful nights that we are having now without her. She has given us back our free time at night, which is truly invaluable.
— Virginia (mom of 3.5 year old)