How To Dress Your Baby For Sleep In Summer

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Jul 17, 2017

In the months when temperatures reach an all time high you may be wondering how to dress your baby for sleep in the summer. Will baby be hot in a sleep sack? Should they sleep with pajamas AND a sleep sack?!

Similarly to the cold weather sleep sack information, we need to understand TOG ratings for sleep sacks and ideal bedroom temperature first. Then we can make informed decisions for your children!

Ideal Room Temperature

Keeping your home between 68-72º F (20-22º C) is ideal for a comfortable sleeping environment.

Personally, I prefer a bit chillier at 67…but that’s my intensely nit-picky sleep preferences!

When it’s so hot outside we do our best to keep our homes cool. If you’re not into cranking up the entire A/C system, you could consider a tower fan in your child’s room to maintain air flow and cool temperatures.

TOG Ratings

Use this chart below from SlumberSac to best understand how to dress your baby for sleep in summer. TOG, which stands for “thermal overall grade”

The higher the TOG the warmer the sleep sack is.

The clothing in the chart is a recommendation of what to wear UNDER the sleep sack with the correct TOG description of sleep sack to wear on top of the layers.

Read the temperatures at the top from the thermometer in your child’s room and dress appropriately. The temperatures shows represent what the ROOM temperature might be. If you are unable to cool your child’s room, you’ll note less clothing for sleep.

Summer Sleep Sacks By Age

Newborns aren’t able to regulate their body temperature, so it’s important we keep them nice and snug in a swaddle. Remember how cozy they were for 9 months? They still crave that same feeling! For the FULL scoop on newborn babies and how to help them sleep well, check out my Newborn Sleep Course.

Once your child hits 12 weeks old they will be out of the swaddle and into a sleep sack (or just footed pajamas!).

Up until 3 years old your child is welcome to wear pajamas and a sleep sack.


Is My Child Waking Because They Are Too Hot?

In the summer months it is very easy to think night-wakings are triggered by the heat. Sometimes it can be! If your child’s room cannot be cooled easily, then it’s possible they are waking because they are uncomfortable. I know I don’t sleep well when I’m over heated!

However, if your child’s room is 68-72º F (20-22º C), they are dressed comfortably and still waking up all night…it’s time to make a change!! Grab your FREE guide to make change! 4 Steps To Solve Nightwakings is for you!


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