Our Family Favorite Summer Essentials

Doesn’t it feel like you prepare for the beach for 6 moths, and then…it’s all gone within 6 minutes?? Just me?? 😂 After a full week at the beach, I’m feeling SO thankful for a few of our recent Amazon purchases! Of course, these will be living long into the summer- and with a full 3 months of swimming, sprinklers, day trips and more…we’ve got to be prepared! Check out some of my top favorite Amazon purchases!

Before our trip I grabbed….

LONG SLEEVE SWIM SUITS: As a pale-skinned red head I’ve come to love long sleeve swimsuits for myself, and for the girls! Since we’re outside daily, I like to minimize the sun exposure when I can! This one from Amazon has been our go-to for the past 2 years for the girls. It’s got a precious little skirt and don’t worry, the ruffles on the shoulders are actually cute…not cheap looking, ha! If I had boys, I go for this one!!

SUMMER BUCKET HAT: Thank goodness we’re out of the days when the girls would pull their hats right off! These adjustable bucket hats were just perfect!! Not only did they wear well (and the adjust feature works!), but we washed them when we got home…and they’re still in great condition!! (Lots of color options for girls + boys!)

ROLLING COOLER: One day we’d love to grab a nice cooler…but for now, this one is perfect! It’ll be great for going to the pool and it already served us well at the beach! Plus, it’s cute :) And comes with an 8-piece container set!

Other favorites we’ve had for a few years…

THIS SUNSCREEN: I know my sunscreens, and this one is the best! Since I need to wear it to even go check the mail (no joke!), I prefer one that doesn’t make me greasy or smell funky. Cue the coconuts! This one is my fave.

CAR SHADES: If you don’t have tinted windows or built-in shades, these work!! We use them only on road trips, and they really do stay put and full up/down well!