Little Z's Guide to Packing the Hospital Bag

Little Zs Hospital Bag Packing Guide My little newborn isn't so much a newborn anymore! She's now 5 months old and only recently have I decided to sit down and write her birth story, take notes in her baby book, and reflect on our experience of welcoming a second sweet girl into our family.  

When I was pregnant with my first I scoured Pinterest to find lists on what to pack for the hospital.  

So many things I threw in the bag I never used. (iPad to play music? Nice thought, but not once did I want add sound to our hospital room.) 

With many friends who are expecting I have recently written down my real list...of what you'll really need, and what no one tells you that you'll need.  So to help everyone out, here's what I personally think you should pack in that bag.  Plus, ideas for Dad too! 

Little Zs Hospital Bag Packing Guide Printable PDF

Personally, I suggest buying a few items brand new for yourself.  Such a small thing, but taking out a brand new pajama set and robe meant so much to me.  (Hello, Target lounge section!)

So, what was in YOUR bag? What would you have left at home, or what did you bring that you loved? 

Sweet Dreams, 

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