DST: Spring Forward and beyond

Daylight Savings Time Daylight Saving Time is here again! There are two ways you can navigate this time change:

1) Cold Turkey

2) Split the Difference

I happen to prefer one over the other though! For a video description of what to do see my Facebook Live video. I'll give you personal examples of what I will do with my own girls, and explain how to know which option is best for your kiddo.

I was also able to contribute to Richmond Moms Blog and explain how to make the change for your child. Be sure to read through for other checks you can do during the DST weekend to help keep your family safe and secure.

If you've made it past a week of Daylight Saving and your child is still having some troubles, let's talk.  Letting a problem linger can cause new habits to form!

Sweet Dreams,

Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant