Ask Me A Question About The Little Z’s Sleep Society!!


Sep 6, 2019


Did you hear the news?! 🎉 The Little Z’s Sleep Society is OPEN!!! And we were overwhelmed with your response and excitement yesterday as we launched!!

Families from all over the world are already jumping in to KEEP making sleep a thing! I took to Instagram yesterday to answer your questions, and also wanted to dig a little deeper here for those who have specific questions about the LZSS!

What’s the difference between podcast and society? 

The Podcast is great for interviews, general sleep knowledge and sharing stories! And will continue to happen! The LZSS has…Community boards to actually talk with people who also love sleep!! Professionally recorded videos that deep dive into exact things you need to do at certain ages, with the convenience of having ALL your answers at your fingertips! Exclusive guides and resources that will only be shared in LZSS…. AND a 1 hour Q&A with the group every month! (Recorded if you miss!)

Is there a cost?

There are 2 levels of membership to choose from: Quarterly and Annual. $39 for 3 months of access or $99 for 12 months

Can you cancel anytime?

It’s our first priority to ensure you get the most from your membership!! We even have a suggestion box in the community board where you can tell us new videos and resources I should make! But yes, if you want to cancel you can! Once your pay period is over, you will no longer have access to the membership site or community boards.

If you join for 3-months and don’t rejoin right away, are you able to join again in the future?

We think you’ll be hooked after looking at everything we have to offer, but totally understand that life happens! If you can’t renew after 3 months you are more than welcome to come back whenever! 

Can you gift a membership to a friend?

We are working to add that as an option!! Ya’ll are so thoughtful!!!

Do you still buy sleep training courses separate?

Yes, Sleep E-Coaching™ programs are designed to MAKE sleep a thing. So if your child depends on pacifier, rocking, patting, laying with someone, feeding to sleep or any other external prop that gets them to sleep…you’ll need to complete a Sleep E-Coaching Program FIRST. The Sleep Society is designed to KEEP sleep a thing by giving you strategies to maintain your great sleeper through natural regressions, nap transitions, updated age expectations, changing awake windows, travel, sickness and more!!

Do you have to have completed one of your Sleep E-Coaching Programs in order to be in the society?

Nope!! You might have sleep trained your baby using another program, book or with another consultant. You’re welcome to join!!! As long as your child knows the foundations of sleep (how to sleep independently)… come on in!!! OR if you are expecting a new baby and want to begin with the Newborn Course (which is inside the society!!)…this is for you too!!

How do I know if this is for me?

The Little Z’s Sleep Society is for…

  • Parents who have sleep trained their child through Little Z’s Sleep E-Coaching™ Programs and wish to continue learning and growing their confidence to maintain a great sleeper!

  • Parents who feel anxious about an upcoming regression and find their joy in parenting is overshadowed by the unknowns. Take a breath…Becca’s got you covered!!

  • Expecting parents who want to 100% understand how to create a great sleeper from the beginning, and KEEP IT!!!

  • Parents who have a baby who naturally sleeps great, and would love to continue this success…everyone tells you “just wait”…but don’t fall for it!! Know exactly how to keep your angel baby a sleep champ!

  • Parents who are naturally watching Instagram Q&As, taking online courses and excited to learn virtually!


I have 2 kids, can I access the resources for both ages?

YES! One membership is for the whole family!!!! Such a great value for families with multiple children!!

Are there videos and printouts like E-Coaching or just videos? 

Yes! Both! All! It’s a total mixed media experience! You’ll have videos with captions, transcripts for the videos, guides to download, checklists to print off, screen grabs and more

If you join for 3-months and don’t rejoin right away, are you able to join again in the future? 

Absolutely! I get it! Life happens and if you need to take a break, come on back in when you can. 

Do membership levels get different resources?

Nope!!! Everyone gets the same access to the community boards and resources within the membership site. The only difference in the quarterly vs. annual? Saving $56!!!!

Pregnant with first child and I won’t need this for 5 more months. Can we buy it then?

Sure!!! It’s here whenever you’re ready. I will say, many parents LOVE to have the Newborn Course before baby arrives so they can prepare themselves for sleep expectations that start on DAY ONE. This is actually one baby “class” that you WILL use!!!!

I haven’t had to sleep train because kid is a great sleeper – is this for us?

YES!!! You have the angel baby 🙂 But that kid is going to grow and change…They will change nap schedules, stall bedtime, try to climb out of bed, and wake up early on vacation. Know how to handle anything that could possibly happen!!!!

After 3-months is up does it all go away? 

As long as you are a paying member, you’ll have access!!! Your account will be set up to automatically renew, unless you cancel. Once your pay period ends, you will no longer have access to the community boards or membership site.  

Is it 0-12 month heavy? How much info after 12-months old? 

Lots of content for all ages!!! For babies you’ll find month-to-month videos as there is so much change that happens in this first year. After 13-months videos aren’t monthly as your little one isn’t changing as rapidly each month. Instead there is a toddler and preschooler section with videos that cover themes and topics that will occur. Currently there are 5 videos on the Toddler/Preschool Section and more content will be added to the site every single month!!!! My aim is to always keep things equally spread between baby, toddler and preschooler! 



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