Rock N Play Alternatives


Apr 25, 2019


Raise your hand if you need a minute of arms-free time!? In the wake of the Rock ‘n Play recall many moms are now wondering: WHERE DO I PUT BABY?!

With products galore for baby to be placed in, it’s important that we first acknowledge the Container Baby Syndrome. A condition in which a child spends more than 2 hours a day in a “container” such as:

  • Slings or carrier packs

  • Bumbo seats

  • Swings

  • Carseat

  • Floor seats

  • Nursing pillows/cushions

  • Positioners like Dock-A-Tot, Snuggle-Me, etc

Bascially, anything that your baby just SITS or LAYS in.

According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Switching from one container to the next reduces the amount of time and ability for a baby to kick, turn their head side-to-side, wiggle and move as a baby is supposed to do in order to develop the needed strength and coordination to learn new skills such as rolling over, sitting up, crawling and walking.


Knowing that alternatives to the Rock ‘n Play are out there, I would first want to call attention to the amount of time your child spends in a container. Be aware of how many your baby is in, and know that in fact the FLOOR is the best place for your baby to be.


The best place for your baby to be? Exploring the world around them! I’m a huge fan of these activity play mats (this this one actually turns into a giant book!) that are truly great for many months of baby’s life! (Bright Stars, $40)


Yes, swings are okay! After all, we need a place to rest our arms! However, swings are not to be used for overnight sleep and perhaps only 1 nap per day. In the Newborn Course I point to a swing as a great alternative when you simply have no one to help hold the baby, and you cannot take baby for a walk or drive. Preserving your mental sanity and having a space for baby to sleep when a crib or bassinet isn’t happening- it’s a great alternative! Always use this swing when baby can be supervised. (4MOMS Momaroo, $200)


This was my all-time favorite baby gear product for my oldest daughter. When I was home alone with her and needed to prepare lunch, it happily entertained her while I ate hands-free. Of course the best part?! It’s so easy to move around the house! Cat-naps may occur in this swing, and again I wouldn’t want your baby spending anymore than 2 hours in a swing during the day. At the Newborn Stage you can absolutley see if baby will transfer from a swing to bassinet. (Portable Swing, $48)


Baby sleep should primarily take place on a firm and flat surface. It’s important to also note that newborn babies crave motion after 9 months of movement! Therefore, I’m a HUGE fan of bassinets that are firm, flat and can also sway the baby back in forth (without you having to rock it!!). The only part I’m not a fan of with this particular bassinet is the projection and mobile. Anytime something is able to distract baby instead of soothe baby to sleep, I’m against! So cue the swinging motion and the white noise- but shut off the projector and take down the mobile! (Fisher Price Bassinet, $150)

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  • Wondering more about the Container Baby Syndrome? Check out Baby Begin’s website for videos, blogs and a super helpful Instagram!

Cheers to safe sleep and an arms-free snack time, Mama!!

Sweet Dreams,
Becca Campbell

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