a few of my favorite things (newborn to toddler!)

Favorite Sleep Products One of the most asked question I receive on a weekly basis is.... 

 "Becca, what do you recommend for ___________."  You can fill in the blank with any of these options:


diaper leaks


naps on the go

sound machines 

transition to toddler bed

....and more!!

So to help you sweet Mamas out, I've compiled a list of my favorite sleep-related items for newborns, babies, and toddlers! All of these items have been extensively researched, used by me personally, or recommended by my network of consultants I work closely with.

I hope these lists will be a huge help to you! Share them with a Mamas you know, and save yourself hours of endless searching.

 *BTW: These are not affiliate links.  I'm just sharing some of my favorites!   Newborn Sleep Essentials 1) Swaddles: SwaddleMe Originals or Swaddle Blankets (LOVE me some Aiden & Anias!!!) These are both great options for the first few weeks of life.  After 8 weeks, transition them out of a swaddle and into a sleep sack. 

2) Bassinet or Crib : A bassinet is a total personal preference! I loved having little one near me for a few weeks while those night feeds are pretty constant.  After 4 months (if you haven't already) I would recommend moving to a crib, and get them to their own room if you have space.  What type of crib you go with is totally up to you! Make sure it has low levels to adjust as your baby grows.

3) Books: Never too early to begin a bedtime routine! 

4) Dohm Sound Machine : Excellent for blocking out external noise.  Remember, Newborns are used to a loud environment! So don't be afraid to turn this guy up! 

5) Mobile: Felt or wood. I sometimes hesitate to talk about mobiles.  I love the aesthetic appeal, but that's it! Avoid a mobile with lights, sound, projection...and especially one that hangs from the crib! Put the mobile over the changing table and hang from the ceiling to prevent any distraction while sleeping.

6) Baby Carrier for naps on the go.  Newborn snuggles are the best.  While we strive for naps in the crib, naps on the go are inevitable when they are this little. I loved my fabric wrap and Ergo baby.

7) Bouncers and Swings are fun options to get baby upright and explore the world through motion.  They are also perfectly fine in the beginning stages when motion helps them sleep. Be careful to not have all naps in the swing/bouncer, and always strive to make crib naps a priority! 

**Why didn't the Rock 'N Play make the Faves list?! SO many reasons! It is by far the biggest prop I see develop in newborns and babies.  Plus, I believe whole heartedly that it does not promote healthy sleep.  Here's why.**

Baby Sleep Essentials

1) Stuffed Animals and Loveys: Excellent additions to your child's sleep routine to nurture self-soothing strategies. I am partial to the JellyCat brand because they are oh so soft! (Makesure your lovey doesn't have a rattle or noise maker though!)

2) Video Monitor: All babies and children have partial arousals where they cry from their sleep, and aren't fully awake.  Immediately we rush in...and wake them up! I highly encourage a video monitor to make sure your child is actually awake before responding.  On my "next time" list is one that pans and zooms the room. Awesome for when your kiddo becomes active in the crib! 

3) Books for bedtime.  If you aren't already implementing reading before bed, start tonight!

4) Dohm White Noise Machine. As your baby becomes more aware of the world around them, white noise helps block out any and all external noises. 

5) Nighttime Diapers: When it's time for your child to sleep through the night, you don't need to get up and change their wet diaper. Pampers Baby Dry are my all time favorite for dry PJs in the morning! 

6) Sleep Sack: After 8 weeks, you can transition your child from a swaddle to a sleep sack. These are especially handy if your little one decides it's time to climb the crib!  I'm partial to the Aden & Anias fabric...but this Bitta Kidda is amazing! Built in lovey!? Brilliant!

7) Blackout Blinds that TRAVEL! Easy to put up in your child's room and then take down for vacations or over-night trips. 

toddler favorite things

Toddler Sleep Essentials

1) Stuffed Animal or Lovey is so comforting to your little toddler! The big thing to remember at this age is: lovey lives in the crib! Don't risk loosing a beloved pal! (If your toddler enjoys soft touches, I highly recommend the JellyCat brand. Super soft!) 

2) Video Monitor is especially essential now as your kiddo is probably threatening to climb! Be careful! Just because they start to climb doesn't mean it's time for a toddler bed.  They aren't ready for that until 2.5-3 years! (Contact me for some more tips on crib climbing)

3) Blackout Blinds to help your toddler nap well during what looks like "play time" outside, and especially enforce bedtime when Spring/Summer come around.  My favorite part about these blinds? They are travel friendly!

4) Books for bedtime.  If your toddler has a hard time winding down for bed, I highly suggest some quiet stretches to relax.  This Good Night Yoga book is such a sweet idea.

5) Dohm White Noise Machine to block out noise these curious tots might hear during the day or night.

6) Nighttime Diapers if your child isn't potty trained.  Potty Time becoming an issue at bedtime? Enforce a strict "Bathroom Pass" where he/she gets one chance to go before bed. 

7) Timer for bedtime routine.  Fighting the "One more book!" "A few more minutes!" ? Is bedtime becoming 45 minutes to an hour long? Use a cute little timer (and get your kiddo to set) to help bedtime routine stay on track.

8) Sleep Sack is PERFECT for that kiddo who is attempting crib escape.  Have they figured out how to unzip? Put it on backwards! This Bitta Kidda comes equipped with a build-in lovey! So smart! Halo Sacks also win my heart for their sweet fabrics and soft muslin.

9) Toddler Clock.  If your 2.5-3 year old has transitioned to a toddler bed, use a Toddler Clock to let them know when it's time to get up and play, and when it's Night-Night time. 

Have questions about any of the recommended products I've mentioned?  Not sure how to begin a solid bedtime routine?  Struggling with your baby or toddler waking multiple times a night? Ready to have your evenings to yourself?  Book a call with me to discuss any questions you have.  It would be my pleasure to hear your child's sleep story. 

Sweet Dreams,

Your Certified Child Sleep Specialist