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Wondering what the most common sleep issues I hear about on a daily basis? Some of them might surprise you! I'm guest blogging over on Swaddles 'N Bottles sharing about common issues, how to work through regressions and when you know it's time to call a Sleep Consultant!

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Thank you for the opportunity to share, Caroline!

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Becca Campbell

10 Things My Clients Hide From Me | Episode 02

Did you hear?! Little Z's Sleep PODCAST is now live!

This last week I launched two episodes for you to stream- and ohhhhhh man. I'm already stepping on toes and making change!

You might be wondering how my clients feel about me exposing all of their dirty laundry for the world to see…

You are probably asking…

-What if I become a client? Will she share about me? 

-Isn’t the client-consultant relationship special? Private? Confidential?!?!

But would you believe it is my CLIENTS who are now sharing with everyone their mischievous ways!! Why? Because they know what a BIG difference coming clean made to their sleep story, and they wan’t everyone to know it!

These 10 simple things they thought were ‘no big deal’ for me to know about ended up becoming (in many cases) the BIGGEST barrier to resolving those exhausting sleep habits.

Listen, you can try to keep your ‘secrets’ from me… but the one thing you can’t hide from your spouse, your friends, your boss, (or yours truly!) is that you are EXHAUSTED! Am I right?

Working through these things is by no means EASY, because sleep training isn’t easy! But sometimes you have to give the problem a name, call it what it is, take it to task, hang it out to dry, and wipe your hands clean of it. Are you ready? Here you go.  Head over to Instagram where I’d love to connect personally with you, and hear YOUR success stories.

Sweet Dreams,


P.S. Don’t forget, there is a REASON they try to hide these from me. It isn’t easy to give up your comforts or expose your insecurities. Just remember, there are also reasons you’re exhausted every night!


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Hiring A Sleep Consultant Saved Our Marriage

I've been told more often than you'd think, "Becca, you've literally saved our marriage."

When I first get on the phone with a family I ask about what's going on, what their biggest struggles are and what they want to see differently. On these initial calls Mom and Dad are dreaming small. And rightly so! All they want is to get their baby sleeping at least five hours at time, and maaaaybe take a good nap on their own.

I listen closely and then always blow them away. I know we can dream big!! I know we can get their child sleeping 11-12 hours all night. So my next question is, "What is something you're looking forward to once your baby is sleeping all night?" 9/10 times I hear, "Being able to sit down with my spouse and watch a show, eat dinner, go on a date night, and be back in the same bed."

One month ago Stephanie and Nick didn't think any of that was possible. But they held my {virtual} hand and jumped into the sleep training process with my via Group Sleep Coaching for Babies. Flash forward one month later and Stephanie says, "Hiring a sleep consultant saved our marriage."

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Sleep Success Story (Getting Baby to Sleep All Night)

I never take it lightly when a family calls me about their baby's lack of sleep.

I have zero judgement, just lots of encouragement.

That's exactly what happened when Katelyn & Michael Alsop reached out last month about their sweet Evy's sleep.

Katelyn told me that Evy was a pretty good night sleeper, and was consistently sleeping about 7-8 hours each night. However, Mom and Dad both shared that naps were their biggest source of frustration and confusion. "Why is she only napping for 20 minutes at a time?"

I asked about bedtime routine, what time she started the day, what naps looked like, how they got her down for naps, and listened to their baby's medical history.

Then, I got to ask my favorite question: What do you want to see differently?

Mom simply said, "I want to be able to lay her down in her bed and have her nap. For more than 20 minutes!" More than that, Katelyn explained she wanted to have a system that worked and to also create the flexibility needed with their lifestyle.

Like all my calls, I could almost sense from Katelyn that saying these wishes outloud was too much. Too unrealistic. Too late to teach.

But then I got to really dive into it. I asked Katelyn and Michael if they would be okay if I changed their goals from having Evy sleep 7-8 hours to teaching her how to sleep independently for 11-12 hours. They both laughed and said, "Well that would be great!!!!"

We then talked about the reality of having a baby who sleeps well. You see, when you have a baby who is on a schedule this doesn't mean you're in a lock-down prison every day tied to baby's schedule. Sure, I ask that for two weeks we really focus on consistency. But once your baby knows HOW to sleep, it's really just about the cues.

 Have a bedtime routine?

Great! Doesn't matter if you're in a hotel or with a babysitter- they know the drill.

Have a baby who knows how to go to sleep on their own?

Awesome. Go on vacation, set up the pack 'n play, and have sweet dreams!

Going to travel a lot?

Fun! Honestly babies totally know when things are different. They'll conform to their surroundings and jump back to expectations when you arrive.

After a few weeks of working with the Alsop Family, we are all doing a big happy dance because Evy is sleeping 12 hours a night AND taking two seriously dreamy naps each day. They worked so hard and I'm so grateful my clients entrust me with their child's sleep and schedule!

Katelyn shared more about her experience over on her blog, so be sure to see what Sleep Consulting is like from a client angle!

Thank you for your sweet words, Katelyn! Sweet Dreams to you {four!}

>Want to talk about creating your OWN sleep success story? Let's talk!

Sweet Dreams,

Becca Campbell

Wake to Feed or Snooze Away?

Should I Wake My Baby to Feed?

The #1 question my clients ask: "Should I wake the baby to feed?"

There's actually two answers to this question.

1.DAY: Yes. Baby needs to stay on a feed schedule.

2.NIGHT: No. Baby needs to grow.

Now let's dive into my reasons behind each one!

Wake During the Day

During the day your baby needs to consume their calories to stay healthy and continue to thrive.  So yes, if your baby is snoozing past the feed time by all means get them up to feed.  But I don't want you to go in with bells on waking them up from a deep sleep.  Instead I want you to quietly open the door to let in some light.  Then go in and turn the white noise off.  Nine out of ten times this will wake the baby.  If it doesn't, open the blinds a bit to let in more natural light.  We want the baby to wake up as "naturally" as possible.  Once the baby is awake, change them, and feed.

A quick rule of thumb to follow for waking to keep a feed schedule: If your baby (5 months+) is sleeping 30 minutes past their "scheduled" nap time then wake them up.  It's time to stick to a routine and feed schedule for the day.

Sleep During the Night

Night is the opposite story! Sleep is the only time your baby grows.  So let them grow! *If your baby is underweight or premature please follow your pediatrician's guidelines.* Let your baby finish their REM cycle and wake naturally when it's time to eat.  Then go in, change their diaper, and feed them. No wake time after feeding! Back to the bed they go for more sweet dreams and healthy sleep.

Wondering if your baby is waking too much? Let's book a time to talk about your child's sleep and I'll go over some real-life expectations for your baby and your family.

Sweet Dreams,

Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant