5 Ways to Maintain Great Sleep During the Holiday Season

The big countdown is on! Christmas is arriving quickly at just 4 days away!

Many of you are already packing and heading out of town, and sending me lots of questions about travel and surviving the busyness of Christmas. You might be gearing up for a long road trip or planning for a late night party, so I’m taking it as my mission to send you off well with some great strategies and answers for how to maintain great sleep.

No Place Like Home (Over-Scheduling)

During the holidays, parents book every weeknight and weekend with “memory making magic”...but all that running around can cause some major sleep issues for your child! Don’t be afraid to trim your calendar. It takes 24 hours for your child’s schedule to get back on track when naps and bedtime are pushed aside. If needed, bring along the pack-n-play for naps when you’re visiting friends and family. You won’t want your cute little turkey to turn into a total terror!

Oh What Fun It Is To Ride! (Air Travel)

Treat your Flight Attendants to some chocolate as soon as you board the plane. Not only is it a great conversation starter, but you just might find they offer your family extra refreshments, pillows, or blankets!  Remember that most adults on your plane have either been in your shoes or feel for you. Happily engaging with people you think are ‘upset’ may turn YOUR perspective around! Jump into the new time zone while following your child’s sleepy cues. Unlike adults, children quickly adjust.

Children Were Nestled All Snug in Their Beds  (Dealing with a New Environment)

Bring your child’s cozy comforts to remind them of home. Snuggling up to familiar smells, sights, and feelings will help them relax and feel confident to sleep well.  Get your child’s sleep space ready as soon as you arrive at your destination. Family and friends can wait a few minutes in order to ensure happy socialization! If you anticipate staying late at friends or families’ homes, then bring what your little one needs for bedtime routine + bedtime. When your child has a defined routine and can put themselves to sleep, they can sleep just about anywhere! ... And you get to enjoy your evening!

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Above all else: Have fun and take time for you. Being a wonderful parent, partner, friend and family member can only happen if you take care of yourself.

Sweet Dreams,

Becca Campbell

Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant