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Access to sleep training made easy. This Personal Coaching approach gives you the exact resources you need to teach your baby to sleep through the night. Plus, personal support with Becca!

What you do:

  • Download my 2-Week Baby Sleep Training Plan in a comprehensive, easy-reference format. This will be your best friend for the next few weeks!

  • Listen to the entire 60-minute Baby Sleep Plan Consultation divided into recorded audio teaching sessions. Don’t worry, teaching is my specialty..these 60-minutes will fly by! Be sure to follow along with the plan where you can take notes in the space provided!

  • Set up your personal user account to log-in and access the training sessions as much as you need for up to 3-months after purchase.

  • Send Becca unlimited text/voice memos via Voxer App (think walkie-talkie) ALL day! From 8 AM - 8 PM EST I’ll address any and all questions you have while implementing our 2 week plan!

  • Schedule 4 phone calls during your two weeks of sleep training to answer specific questions, receive feedback, address setbacks and celebrate success!

  • Keep a daily sleep log for Becca to track your child’s progress! This allows Becca the chance to give guidance during phone calls and see where adjustments need to be made.

  • BONUS follow up phone call 1 month after your training program! Let’s make sure your little one is still a great sleeper!!


Hey! I’m Becca, and when my daughter refused to sleep at night, I bought some books, tried advice from others… not knowing if any were right for me.

But after working with a sleep consultant, I realized my daughter WAS ready to sleep... I just wasn’t ready to commit to a ‘plan’ or accept a ‘schedule.’

Now, sleep consulting is what I do all day, every day! Every family a full night of sleep within 2 weeks is impossible. I’m here to tell you that a baby 6-16 months old is ready and capable of sleeping 11-12 hours through the night!

After working with families across America, internationally, and being recommended by pediatricians, I found myself teaching and saying the same things every single day. So, I decided to write it all out and record it in front of a live class so that you don’t have to wait or wonder if sleep is possible anymore.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if Baby Sleep E-Coaching™ + On-Call Support is right for me?

-You like to follow a clear set of rules and guidelines
-You’re confident to take a plan and implement 100% 
-You’d like to be able to speak with Becca in the moment to ask questions and have lots of support!!
-You’re ready for a good night of sleep!

What ages is this for?

This program is designed for babies 6-16 months who need to be sleeping 11-12 hours a night and need 2.5-3 hours of sleep each day.

Will this plan include crying?

I can never guarantee that crying won’t happen. Change is not welcome to babies, and it’s basically like teaching your child a new language (sleep!!!). My biggest passion is that we are FAIR to your child. You need a plan to see success, and stop the inconsistencies every night. LISTEN TO PODCAST EPISODE 4: HOW LONG DO I LET MY BABY CRY?


  • Daily Routine - Learn how to build a daily schedule while factoring in work and daycare routines. Understand age-appropriate awake times and when to cut off a nap.

  • Preparing The Environment - Make sure you set up the room right! Find out the essentials, tips, and tricks to making sure that room is set up just right. Discover these common items that will always keep your baby from sleeping well as well as the one thing you must throw away!

  • Nights - Use this bedtime routine and cuing system that establishes all-night sleep expectations. Implement my #1 recommended strategy for creating an independent sleeper, handling crying and night-wakes, and find out why I believe it is the most fair approach for both Baby and You!

  • Mornings - Start your day off right and learn the things you must do and not do in the first 10-minutes. I’ve included a whole section on dealing with Early Morning Wakes.

  • Naps - These are the hardest! Learn what to expect with naps, how to handle short naps, nap time routine, and much more!

  • Trends and Expectations - I break down common trends that occur during the two weeks as well as some developmental milestones that may occur now that Baby is getting healthy lasting sleep!

  • 5 Follow Up Phone Calls with Becca to address any/all questions during your sleep training process!

  • Send unlimited text/voice memos using Voxer App from 8 AM - 8 PM Becca will walk you through it all in the moment!!

  • Daily Sleep Log Tracking so Becca can see how to address strategies and guide your child’s progress!

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What parents are saying…

Becca is a lifesaver! My husband and I are so appreciative of Becca and her guidance. Our daughter is 11.5 months old and when we started with Becca, she had never slept alone and would nurse all night long. She would also need nursed down for all naps, halfway through her afternoon nap, and nursed down for bed. It was exhausting! I was getting zero sleep, zero time with my husband in the evenings, and feeling completely defeated. After working with Becca, our daughter was sleeping 12 hours through the night in her own room....ON THE SECOND NIGHT! We had one rough night and that was it. She no longer needs nursed down for any nap, bedtime, and sleeps the whole night through. We have our evenings back, my husband sleeps in bed again, and I can actually greet my daughter well rested in the morning.
— Nikki, Missouri
I’m writing this review as my son is taking a nap that has been going on for two hours. However, 2 months ago, I was pacing his room for hours or taking him in the stroller or driving around in the car in a desperate attempt to get an overtired child to sleep. All the while feeling incredible mom-guilt for not being able to give my three year-old attention. When we decided to work with Becca, it was a breath of fresh air. I think Becca would agree that our son wasn’t the easiest case. We had several bumps that were out of everybody’s control, but instead of writing us off, Becca continued to stick with us, encourage us, work with us, and fight for sleep on our behalf. I would recommend ANYONE to Becca. Her dedication, encouragement, and wisdom are incredible, AND my son is sleeping! She has changed our family, and I am forever grateful.
— Emilie, Virginia