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Private Coaching

A baby 6-16 months old can sleep 11-12 hours every night

This 2-Week Sleep Training Program is designed for Baby to sleep 11-12 hours through the night and establish a consistent daily nap schedule and routine. Use strategies to manage crying and protest, wean off the night feed, and develop self-soothing skills to become an independent sleeper.  

Private coaching is a great choice if you prefer a more tailored sleep plan, enjoy one-on-one interactions, need positive encouragement, desire accountability, have a unique family situation or concerns, or want the ability to make adjustments to the plan during the program if needed.  





Say goodnight, close the door, and see you in the morning! Baby is ready for it, and your marriage is too!



How does 11-12 hours of uninterrupted sleep sound?! Your boss and friends will notice! 



Time to enjoy your coffee and greet baby with a happy rested face! Get your mornings back the way you like them.


enjoy consistent naps

Naps are the hardest! Fix the nights and you'll have the energy to work on the naps. The goal is 1-2 long naps a day depending on age.



2-Week program

A structured plan that gives you a schedule, simple strategies to approach crying and protest, and an effective way for both parents to achieve results together. Make sure you have set up a healthy sleep environment and know which baby products to have and avoid. You should begin seeing results by night 3!

tailored sleep plan

Baby is ready to sleep through the night no matter your work schedule or family situations. Complete a preliminary questionnaire to help tailor the program to meet your family needs. 

private consultation

Schedule a private 60-minute interactive consultation online using a webinar platform or in person if local. Experience first hand why Becca is a trained and gifted educator with a passion for helping hundreds of families resolve exhausting sleep habits!

coaching & support

The secret is not in the science, but in the support! No one can motivate and encourage you through this 2-week program like Becca. Choose from a variety of support packages that include regular phone check-ins, instant voice message or text support, and in-home personal Night One assistance for local clients. Track how Baby is progressing and be able to make minor adjustments to the program as needed with a support package.




Congratulations! You made a decision to end the trial-and-error and look forward to bedtime once again! After you click and purchase the right package for your family, you will receive an email from me with a questionnaire to complete as well as a link to schedule your 1-hour individual consultation either online (worldwide) or in person (if local in-home package).

Since you are getting ME (no robots or computer generated sequences!!) it may take a few hours for me to email you! So sit tight, watch your inbox and imagine what you're going to do with all your free time when baby is sleeping!!!

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Becca is absolutely amazing! She changed our lives in less than 1 week. Our 6-month old son was waking up every 3 hours like clockwork demanding to nurse. During the consultation she said that her goal was to get him sleeping 11-12 hours per night within 2 weeks. I was skeptical but was exhausted and willing to try anything. By day 3 he was sleeping through the night (and the first two nights weren’t bad at all!) During our 2 weeks together she provided a detailed plan, tons of encouragement, and personalized feedback based on our son’s progress. I can’t say enough good things about her and have already recommended her to several people!
— Suzanne P. / Baby Basic
Our only regret about calling Becca is that we didnt call sooner. We endured 13 months of interrupted sleep and frustration, it was affecting every aspect of our lives. Becca initiated a sleep plan and had our son sleeping through the night in the first couple of days! With Becca’s guidance we were able take our lives back. We were previously going to sleep around 8pm as soon as our son fell asleep in order to desperately get a few hours in before the wake up and struggle for hours to get him back to sleep that we were so used to. For naptime we resorted to co sleeping. Now we can lay our son down for bed and have adult time! 
Now that everyone is sleeping better Mommy, Daddy, and baby are all significantly happier. With a baby on the way in the next few months we plan to use Becca’s services to help our family adjust our sleep routines to having a newborn in the house and getting the new baby started sleeping well from the start. 
We’ve recommended Becca to all of our friends and family. Your baby can be a good sleeper, sleep deprivation is not a mandatory part of Parenthood.
— Jamie B. / Baby Unlimited
Hands down the best investment we have ever made was into our FAMILY’S sleep!! Don’t be fooled... this isn’t just for your baby. Just like you would hire a speech therapist or a lactation consultant, you get help for your child when they are in need. Sleep can’t be pushed aside... it is so important in the development of your sweet baby. Hey mom... if you aren’t sleeping... it’s not going to “pass”... get Becca to come help you. It has literally changed our lives. Everyone is happier and thriving!!
— Whitney M. / Baby Home