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2 Weeks to Sleeping Through the Night!

A full night sleep is coming soon when you join Group Sleep Coaching with Becca Campbell, Pediatric Sleep Consultant at Little Z’s Sleep

Imagine that in 2018 a full night of sleep was the norm. You say goodnight, close the door and know your baby will sleep until morning. This isn’t a dream ya’ll, it’s totally achievable. You can have a plan in hand of HOW to get your baby to sleep through the night, plus personal coaching from a Pediatric Sleep Expert, and see results within a few nights. By the end of two weeks? Your baby is now sleeping soundly through the night plus napping all on her own. It’s time to make a new resolution that lasts all year, and every year after.

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Next Group Starts January 22nd

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allowing me to see the light

“Since being a part of Becca’s Sleep Coaching Group, my daughter and I are getting sleep at night instead of waking constantly. She is {also} sleeping on her own for naps, which had never been accomplished before.

My partner and I have been able to spend quiet time together as a couple for the first time since having our daughter 9 months ago. Just sitting on the couch and watching a show without me having to get up to put her back to sleep numerous times has been wonderful. Having my own time during her sleeping hours is finally allowing me to see the light, if you will – that I can be a great mother to an attached child and still begin to have a partial life of my own. I think that after a few more weeks I may actually be able to start working part time from home, which was not an option before finding your program. THANK YOU, BECCA!”


Mom to 9 month old daughter

Meet your Sleep Consultant: Becca Campbell

Mom of 2 girls

Teacher turned Certified Sleep Consultant

Passionate about improving the quality of life for parents, babies and families through sleep and wellness

Dedicated to creating a supportive community of moms who are continuously learning, encouraging each other, and sharing resources in order to best care for ourselves, our families and our communities.

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