Baby Group Coaching 4-16 Months

Join a group of supportive parents going through the same plan as you! Share, encourage, and learn together in my most popular online package for babies. 

Goals: Our goal is for your baby to be sleeping 11-12 hours through the night by the end of our 2-weeks together. You should begin seeing results by night 3


2-Week Coaching


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Our little girl was never a great sleeper, she was addicted to her pacifier (or maybe I was...), and she refused naps unless we took a ride in the car. My pediatrician just wanted us to let her cry it out, but when we tried this I was uncomfortable with how upset she became. I needed a strategy, a plan to stick to. And I needed sleep. I didn’t know how to help her learn to soothe herself and I felt like a terrible mom for allowing her to cry not knowing if she was learning important skills or simply getting upset to no avail. I followed Little Z’s podcast and social media accounts for some time before pulling the trigger. I don’t know why I waited so long! Rebecca helped us develop a strategy for helping her learn to put herself to sleep. There was no easy button, and we’ve had to work hard to be consistent but the tools that Rebecca gave us are invaluable. She was very supportive through the entire process and tweaked the strategies to fit our family so that we could have a little one that slept all night! We now have our evenings back and we get to sleep until morning!
— Caitlin B, Baby Group


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