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Becca Campbell

B.A., M.A.T., APSC Member


Hey! I'm Becca Campbell, a mom of two beautiful daughters under the age of 4 who share a room together and sleep all night. I spend every evening after dinner with my husband (and business partner), Chad, and enjoy going on monthly date nights! I start every morning just the way I like it: quiet time, coffee, and calm.

Before I began this consulting journey that has helped hundreds of families resolve exhausting sleep habits, I was a teacher. Then I had my first daughter. I finished my job, woke up for hours each night, read books and blogs and tried all of these different approaches just to stop the screaming and help my daughter sleep and my husband and I too! After waking up one night with my daughter in my arms and not remembering how she got there, I realized something had to change.

I reached out to a sleep consultant I found online who took the time to understand my situation and give me a plan to get on track. Not only did I learn what my daughter was capable of , but it worked so well! My daughter was ready to sleep and wanted to, I just wasn't giving her the opportunity or understanding how she was trying to express this to me.

You are either a mom, dad, co-worker, boss, neighbor, or corporate CEO. The one thing we all understand is how sleep deprivation affects our marriage, relationships, jobs, performance, parenting, and so much more. But here's the thing: you don't have to be a tired parent, and your child wants to sleep. 

Our enemy is habits. Having a baby is new and we don't know what to do! There are many different 'ways' to parent, so which way is right? We create habits out of necessity, comforts, or unknowingly as parents. When it is time for baby to sleep the way their bodies are designed, our habits have created barriers and an often unfair situation for them. What worked as a newborn phases out as they grow and develop with age. Especially at 4-months old!

There are no secrets to sleep. You need someone who will give you an effective plan, encourage you through those really hard and emotional nights, show you hope and not let you give up on yourself! You can read a book or endlessly search online, or you can choose to make a lasting difference for your family through my online course, services, or listening to the weekly podcast. Don't just choose any person or methodology - find out why hundreds of families all over the world have chosen to become a Little Z's family. 



  • Bachelor in Elementary Education (LSU)

  • Master in the Art of Teaching (LSU)

  • Graduated Sleep Sense Consultant Training & Mentorship (2015)

  • Member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants

  • Worked with 500+ families around the world

  • Course Completed: Newborn Fundamentals- How To Develop Positive Fundamentals The First 12 Weeks (APSC)


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